Tens of thousands international petitioners urge Belgium to stop 5G rollout

Tens of thousands international petitioners urge Belgium to stop 5G rollout
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Belgium’s federal and regional governments have been urged by tens of thousands of petitioners worldwide to stop the rollout of 5G mobile technology.

The appeal took the form of a petition which, by 6 November 2019, had been signed by 172,395 persons in 204 countries, the stop5G.be collective said on Thursday in a press release.

The deployment on land and in space of 5G, the fifth generation of mobile networks, is under way or in preparation in many countries. Dozens of 5G telecommunication satellites have already been launched, noted the collective, which warned of the “unprecedented environmental change at the planetary level” that will result.

The mobile industry plans to install millions of 5G antennas, one every 50 to 150 metres in urban areas, and to send tens of thousands of satellites into orbit.

The collective said it had scientific evidence that the electromagnetic fields of the radio frequencies used are harmful to living beings.

The petition’s signatories, who include about 60 Belgian organisations or institutions, such as Inter-Environnement Bruxelles and the International Polar Foundation, are asking the Belgian authorities to stop the deployment of 5G in Belgium.

They are also calling on the EU, Council of Europe and United Nations to step in and impose a global ban on 5G satellites or, at the very least, ban 5G emissions above the European continent and surrounding international waters.

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