EasyJet will offset the carbon emissions from all its flights

EasyJet will offset the carbon emissions from all its flights
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The British budget airline announced on Tuesday that it will offset the carbon emissions from the fuel used for all of its flights on behalf of customers.

Starting on Tuesday, easyJet will operate net-zero carbon flights across its whole network, the company announced in a statement.

The airline will offset its carbon emissions by investing in both forest conservation in South America and Africa and solar energy in India, as well as by improving access to clean water in Uganda and Eritrea.

“Aviation will have to reinvent itself as quickly as it can,” said CEO of easyJet, Johan Lundgren.

“People are now thinking about the potential carbon impact of different types of transport. But many people still want to fly and if people choose to fly we want to be one of the best choices they can make,” Lundgren added.

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The statement explains, however, that carbon offsetting is only an interim solution while other new technologies are being developed. The airline has also committed to a joint research project with Airbus on hybrid and electric aircraft.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times

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