Some 700 schools to take part in Zero-Waste Day

Some 700 schools to take part in Zero-Waste Day
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Students and staff of over 700 Belgian schools are to take part on Thursday in a zero-waste day by taking actions such as avoiding plastic wrappings, the GoodPlanet association, which is the behind the initiative, said on Wednesday.

This awareness-building day is part of the European Week for Waste Reduction.

GoodPlanet, whose aim is a sustainable society, plans to devote the day to prevention work with regard to waste and its environmental impact.

Students can avoid resorting to disposable wrapping by using lunch boxes, water bottles and other reusable containers. They can also organise actions against food waste by cooking with foods that would otherwise have been thrown into the garbage can, GoodPlanet said on Wednesday.

‘Zero waste’ is one of five thematic actions of the GoodPlanet Challenges campaign. It was preceded on 15 October by ‘Croque Local’(Eat local and in season). Next on the list is ‘Gros pull’ (Thick Jersey), on 11 February, which will encourage people to wear an additional layer of clothing and thus lessen their energy consumption.

‘Tous à l’eau’ on 20 March, will encourage Belgians to avoid wasting water and value it, while 30 April will be devoted to ‘Alors on sort’ or ‘Outdoors day’, which will focus on being in contact with nature.

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