Belgian Francophone students live with an average of €300 per month

Belgian Francophone students live with an average of €300 per month
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Francophone students have an average of €301.92 per month, according to a study, consulted by La Libre, on the living conditions of higher education students in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

87.2% of students rely on their families for all or part of their expenses.

Students who receive funding from their families are mainly Belgian, at the beginning of their study cycle and are less than 25 years old. Students who are not helped at all by their family (12.8%) are rather senior in the cycle and often not from Belgium. Those students usually have to work and apply for student allowances.

The second source of student income comes from a part-time job. The survey reveals that 71.6% of students work, and that 27.3% of them believe that this activity has a negative impact on their studies.

The authors of the study observed that more complex family configurations tend to weaken parents’ solidarity towards their children.

This decrease in solidarity in families is due to their general impoverishment, but it is also because of the credit system foreseen by the Paysage decree, that extends the years of study.

The study had been commissioned to the BDO consultancy firm by former Minister Jean-Claude Marcourt (PS). It had been brought up for discussion on Tuesday by CDH (Central Christian Democrat) Parliamentary Group Head Alda Greoli, who recommends that it be thoroughly examined with its authors.

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