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Belgians spend a third of their annual budget on housing

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Belgians spent close to a third of their annual budgets, 30.3%, on housing in 2018, according to the latest survey by Belgium’s statistical office, Statbel.

This was noticeably higher than in 1999, when housing’s share of families’ expenditure was 26.1%.

Households spent an average €35,764 in 2018. Flemish households spent €36.895, Walloon ones €34,589 and those in Brussels €33,356.

The highest budget item was accommodation, which made up 35.6% of Belgians’ spending, with the home itself accounting for 30.3% or €10,837: rent, water, energy, maintenance and other costs.

The other major budget items were food, drinks and tobacco (€5,744 or 16%) and transport (€4,065 or 11.4%).

The Statbel survey covered 6,000 households.

The Brussels Times