Belgium boasts (slightly) more job vacancies

Belgium boasts (slightly) more job vacancies
Vacancies are mainly in the non-profit sector, science and services, trade and industry. Credit: Air Force personnel center

The number of job vacancies — as per the total number of jobs in a company — increased slightly during the third quarter of 2019, from 3.41% to 3.44%. Belgian companies offered 140,900 jobs, against 139,000 in the second quarter, according to Statbel Statistics Office,  figures revealed on Monday. 

Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia all increased their offer, with respectively 288, 259 and 1,433 job vacancies more than in the previous quarter. The job vacancy rate is higher in Flanders (3.8%) and Brussels (3.1%) than in Wallonia (2.7%). 

Medium-size and large companies offer the most vacancies (79.5% total). The job vacancy rate in these companies stood at 3.2%, significantly lower than in those under 10 employees (5.3%). 

Vacancies are mainly in the non-profit sector (33,600), science and services (23,200), trade (19,300) and industry (18,100). 

The highest vacancy rates concern sectors such as professional, scientific and technical services (6.62%), IT (6.36%) and construction (5.89%).

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