Google unveils Belgium’s most searched terms in 2019

Google unveils Belgium’s most searched terms in 2019
Google's 'Year in Search' gives a list of the most searched-for terms in 2019. Credit: Pixabay

Google has published its “Year in Search”, a list of the most trending keywords of the past year, on Wednesday.

The most popular search term on Google in Belgium in 2019 was ‘wtFOCK’, a popular ‘digital first’ Flemish series about a group of people in high school. Another television programme in the Belgian top ten is Love Island, in fourth place, which followed ten young singles in a luxurious villa.

The ‘stemtest’, or voting test, to find out what each political party stands before the elections was also a term that made the list, as well as ‘Julie Van Espen’, the 23-year-old Belgian woman who was murdered in May, and the Notre Dame in Paris.

Numerous sporting events, including the Tour de France, Wimbledon and Jupiler Pro League, were also on the list.

The top 20 of most Googled terms in Belgium was:

1. wtFOCK
2. Julie Van Espen
3. Tour de France 2019
4. Love Island
5. Stemtest
6. iPhone 11
7. Notre-Dame de Paris
8. Julen (the 2-year-old Spanish boy who died after falling into a narrow shaft in January)
9. Wimbledon 2019
10. Karl Lagerfeld
11. Eurovision 2019
12. Africacup 2019
13. Mobiscore (score for a house or parcel of land that assesses how easily facilities can be reached on foot or by bicycle from there)
14. Cameron Boyce
15. Luke Perry
16. Paasvakantie 2019 (‘Easter Holidays 2019’)
17. Verkiezingen 26 mei 2019 (‘Elections 26 May 2019’)
18. Jupiler Pro league 2019
19. VTM Go (online platform of Belgian tv-channel VTM with many tv-series and movies)
20. WK voetbal vrouwen 2019 (‘World Championship football women 2019’)

Google also published a list of questions that were most searched for in Belgium.

1. How to vote on 26 May?
2. How old does a chicken get?
3. What time is it in America?
4. What about my visa application?
5. How to lose weight fast?
6. How hot is it?
7. How long do you cook asparagus?
8. How to update Whatsapp?

Like other years, the company also created a video to recap the year.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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