Uber to ask its drivers for selfies to increase safety

Uber to ask its drivers for selfies to increase safety
Credit: Flickr/Mark Warner

The ride-hailing service Uber is introducing a new safety measure, in which the identity of the drivers is regularly checked with selfies.

The ‘Real Time ID Check’ will require Uber drivers to take a selfie with their smartphone “from time to time”, to confirm their identity. The picture will be compared to the driver’s verified profile picture, and has to prevent that the account details of registered Uber drivers are being used by others.

The checks can be requested both when logging in to the app, and between journeys, reports Bruzz.

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If the photos do not match, the driver’s account will be blocked as a precaution. It will only be released again after a check. The ID-check will take place at irregular intervals, but can also be specifically requested if passengers notice and report that a driver does not match their profile photo, reports Het Laatste Nieuws.

The new function will be introduced internationally. It could help Uber to regain the trust of the authorities in London, where the company lost its licence because of at least 14,000 cases in which clients were being transported by unauthorised drivers.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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