Grey, wet weekend but Christmas Day expected to be dry

Grey, wet weekend but Christmas Day expected to be dry
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The weather will be calmer and drier on Friday afternoon and evening, with some residual showers and highs between 8 and 13 degrees, followed by a greater risk of showers in the evening, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute, IRM.

For Saturday, the IRM forecasts variable weather, with isolated rainfall, highs from 4 to 10 degrees, then more rain overnight and into Sunday.

The cloud cover will be heavy at first on Saturday, but the skies will then oscillate between cloudy and sunny, with a possibility of isolated showers. Clouds floating in from France will herald the rainfall forecast for the following night. The wind will be moderate to quite high in the south, with gusts of up to 55 km/hr. Highs will range from 4 degrees in Hautes Fagnes to 10 degrees in parts of Flanders.

The weather will continue to be variable on Sunday, with intermittent rain or showers. It will become gradually dryer in the afternoon, with clear skies, beginning in the west. Highs will be 4-5 degrees on the heights of the Ardennes and 9 degrees on the coast. The wind will often be moderate, but in the south, it will range at times from quite strong to strong, with gusts of 60 km/hr, and even 70 to 80 km/hr in the south.

On Monday, the weather will be slightly variable with clear skies and cloudy spells, and rain in some localities. Highs will generally be 5 to 6 degrees in the Ardennes, and 8 to 10 degrees elsewhere.

On Tuesday, the rain will still be around for a while, especially in the south. As the day progresses, the weather will be dry with some clear skies, and highs around 8 degrees in the centre. Christmas Eve Night is likely to be dry, without any frosts.

Christmas Day will be dry, with regular sunny skies, highs bordering on 8 degrees and little wind.

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