Privatise speed checks to catch drunk drivers, says VIAS

Privatise speed checks to catch drunk drivers, says VIAS
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Vias (Belgian Institute for Road Safety) wants to increase the chances of catching drunk drivers by privatising speed checks, De Standaard and Gazet van Antwerpen reported on Monday. “Thus the police will have more time to conduct alcohol tests,” the Institute said.

More and more motorists are driving under influence at night, in particular, the 26 to 29 age group, according to recent Vias figures.

The number of checks must increase, the institute stated. If the government could privatise part of the speed checks, the police would have more time to deal with alcohol tests.

These privatised speed checks could only be carried out according to strict criteria, determined by the police. Vias Spokesperson Stef Willems refers to France, where private companies perform speed checks through mobile teams. “The teams move on well-defined routes. Businesses are not paid per fine, but per route,” Willems said.

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