King Philippe calls for government formation as quickly as possible

King Philippe calls for government formation as quickly as possible
The King urged the political parties to form a federal government as soon as possible. Credit: Belga

Belgium’s King Philippe on Tuesday called on political leaders to form a federal government quickly so as to respond to the challenges of the “pivotal era” in which the country now finds itself.

Speaking during his traditional Christmas Eve address to the nation, he also urged the politicians to seek “unity in diversity, while respecting the sensitivities of everyone.”

“Today it is important to establish a full-fledged federal government, capable of taking balanced decisions and firmly moving ahead with them together,” King Philippe said, seven months into the search for a coalition government following last May’s elections. “That’s what we are all counting on, with no further delay.”

In his end-of-year address, the Belgian Head of State focused on the social, economic and environmental changes our societies are undergoing.

“We are living through a pivotal era in which our social, economic [and] environmental model is being called into question,” he stressed, “an era in which many have lost their bearings and, therefore, one that requires greater involvement from us. This is not the time to give up.”

The King also launched a call to action from a long-term perspective.

“To change things, you first need to be convinced, and to act accordingly,” he stressed. “We are responsible for our actions. Be more aware that our individual behaviour has implications for others. Let us not yield to short-termism. Let us give preference to the long term by striving after solutions whose results we ourselves may not see, but which will benefit the generations that follow us.”

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