One in five Belgians did not like their Christmas gifts

One in five Belgians did not like their Christmas gifts
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More than one in five Belgians were dissatisfied with their Christmas gifts last year, according to a survey commissioned by three online sites for second-hand sales,, 2ememain and Cash Converters.

The survey found that 13% of the 2,000 respondents exchanged their gifts in-store while 17.2% resold them. Half of the people who did not like their gifts kept them all the same.

Clothing topped the list of undesired gifts, accounting for 20.6% of those rejected, followed by decorations (18.1%), books and comics (16.7%), perfumes and cosmetics (14.7%) and coupons (13.6%).

The first unloved Christmas gifts for this year have already been sold on 2ememain, the online sales site reported. Some had already found their way online by Christmas Eve, while others were put up for sale on Christmas Day, Wednesday 25 December.

“Sports bags, smart speakers, and massage mattresses were the top undesired gifts this year,” said 2ememain spokeswoman Aleksandra Vidanovski. “Most of the time these are goods that people already have, or that are not to their liking.”

"Tradition seems to be confirmed,” says Cash Converters Belgium Director-General Kevin Kaeses. “In our 34 sales outlets we receive three to four times more brand-new goods in the days just after Christmas, so we sell these multimedia and electronic goods at 70% of their purchasing price to our customers.”

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