Gastro outbreak could hit Belgium

Gastro outbreak could hit Belgium

A gastro outbreak could be declared this coming week in Belgium, according to a general practitioner speaking to Sudinfo.

Pharmacies are overwhelmed and doctors’ waiting rooms are packed.

A large part of France is affected by a gastroenteritis epidemic, including the most popular ski resorts Belgians travel to.

A much more viral epidemic is also hitting Germany. Given the number of Belgians going on holiday to these countries for the holidays,”the first three weeks of 2020 should affect many in Belgium.”

The epidemic will soon be in full force, Sudinfo reports. “The epidemic should be declared this week with us,” adds the same source.

“It will unfortunately spoil the New Year for many Belgians,” the doctor told Sudinfo.

Doctors recommend washing hands regularly and drinking lots of water to cleans the body.

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