New competencies for German-speaking community

New competencies for German-speaking community

Belgium’s German-speaking Community will have jurisdiction over housing in its area from 1 January 2020.

In early May 2019, Wallonia’s Parliament approved, almost unanimously, the transfer of regional competencies for housing, territorial planning and (partially) energy policy to the German-speaking Community.

While only 3.5% of housing is public, the smallest of the federated bodies plans to invest more, and renovate hundreds of old housing units that no longer comply with current norms, while adapting them to the needs of seniors. It also plans to review legislation on rentals and on energy allowances.

The exercise of competencies in these three areas – housing, rentals and energy allowances – is linked.

The German-speaking Community is also scheduled to end the current system of points on which the allocation of social housing is based.

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