Lufthansa to hire 4,500 new personnel

Lufthansa to hire 4,500 new personnel
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The Lufthansa Group plans to open more than 4,500 posts during the year in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

There is however a hiring freeze in the Brussels Airlines subsidiary, as part of the “reboot” plan to improve the airline’s cost effectiveness.

“Due to internal restructuring and cost reduction measures, a hiring freeze prevails at Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and Lufthansa Cargo, with some exceptions,” the German group said in a statement on Friday.

This temporary recruitment stop is part of the “reboot” plan, which should help Brussels Airlines to reduce its costs until 2022 by more than 160 million euros per year. For specific profiles, such as IT staff, hiring remains possible.

A year ago, the Lufthansa Group announced 5,500 new posts for 2019, including 200 within Brussels Airlines.

75% of the Group’s 4,500 new posts this year will be in Germany.

The German air group as a whole employs some 138,000 people.

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