A quarter of over 55s have never changed employer

A quarter of over 55s have never changed employer
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A quarter of 55-year-olds and over are still working for their first employer and the intention to leave voluntarily (fewer than one in ten) is the least pronounced of all the age categories applied to Belgian employees.

This information emerged from a survey carried out among 1,000 people for the specialised recruitment firm Robert Half.

All generations considered, Belgians of over 55 are the least inclined to quit their company, something only 9% are prepared to do. A permanent employment contract combined with a seniority bonus explains why the baby-boomers prefer to stay where they are, Robert Half concludes.

One respondent in four (25%) also stated they still work for their first employer. This means that a quarter of Belgian employees aged over 55 have never changed jobs throughout their careers.

The baby-boomers’ work satisfaction (73%) is slightly below average (80%). The nature of the job (68%), the working environment and a good relationship with one’s colleagues (66%) and wages (50%) are top of the list when it comes to determining happiness at work in this age group.

If flexible payment is particularly attractive to the younger generations, it appears to be less popular among the over fifty-fives, the recruitment agency maintains. Only 1 in 10 would in point of fact change employer if offered an equivalent position elsewhere with a more flexible form of payment, along with the chance of earning a more personalised salary.

“It is first and foremost the combination of fixed contracts and seniority that ensures the baby-boomers stay where they are,” according to Robert Half. “However, this generation, endowed with a wealth of knowledge and know-how, will be leaving the jobs market in the years to come. It is essential that companies are sufficiently prepared for these departures.”

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