Foreign intelligence services suspected of infiltrating Belgian intelligence
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Foreign intelligence services suspected of infiltrating Belgian intelligence

The I Committee, an independent body which oversees the activities of the military and civilian intelligence services, is investigating some 20 complaints of possible infiltration of the intelligence services by foreign interests, including Russia, De Tijd reports.

According to the paper, the investigation began several months ago, based on information from various sources, and covers about 15 cases concerning the military intelligence service CGRS/ADIV, and the remainder the civilian service.

The secretary of the Committee would only confirm that “an investigation into the issue” is underway. The spokesperson for state security, the civilian intelligence service, was similarly reticent. “Like any other intelligence service, we are conscious that attempts at infiltration can never be ruled out,” said Ingrid Van Daele.

However De Tijd was able to determine that the matter was raised at a closed-door meeting between the Committee and MPs who follow its activities, with one case in particular being raised.

That concerns a joint investigation by state security and the ADIV into the sanctioning of a reserve officer of the ADIV whose security clearance was withdrawn on the grounds of a business relationship with dubious persons from the former Soviet Union,” a source told the paper. The meeting also revealed that other countries are being targeted by the investigation.

The Committee has made it clear it has no intention of starting a “spy hunt” or of attempting to uncover illegal acts.

But if illegalities should happen to come to light in the course of the investigation, the facts will be reported to the public prosecutor.

An example was the case now with the federal prosecutor and concerning another employee of the ADIV who in 2016 had a relationship with a Serbian woman who may have been working for Russia. That investigation is ongoing.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times