Dott and Lime are biggest on Brussels scooter market

Dott and Lime are biggest on Brussels scooter market
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At the end of their first year in Brussels, both Dott and Lime have some 2,000 scooters, whereas other suppliers have either closed down or work only seasonally.

Bird, which has bought over Circ, Poppy and Tier, will thus reinject shared scooters into the network next Spring, Brussels Mobility said.

Dott gave an overview of its first year of activity during a press visit to its workshops. Eight people work there, mainly recovering and recharging scooters, or repairing damaged ones. The company estimates the number of scooters damaged by vandals at about 2% of the total. They are subsequently repaired.

The number of scooters stolen or thrown into the canal was not disclosed. However, Dott plans to do a canal clean-up operation in Spring to recover the vehicles that ended up there.

The Franco-Dutch company, which is also present in Paris, Lyon, Turin and Munich, registered 700,000 journeys in Brussels in its first year. Total distance covered is over 2 million kilometres, meaning the average journey is slightly under 3 kilometres.

As part of its expansion plans for this year, the company is exploring two avenues: launching shared electric bicycles in Brussels, and launching shared scooters in other cities, including in Belgium.

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