Belgian parties slam US Middle East peace plan

Belgian parties slam US Middle East peace plan

The Christian Democratic cdH party on Thursday denounced the US peace plan for the Middle East, proposed by US presidential adviser Jared Kushner and urged Belgium to take up the issue at the UN Security Council.

"This unilaterally imposed and undiscussed plan is a real slap in the face of Palestinians,” George Dallemagne, head of foreign relations at the cdH commented. “It denies their most legitimate aspirations. This plan is evidently unacceptable.”

The party called on Belgium, which currently sits on the UN Security Council, to table the issue at the Security Council, reject the plan and return to the principles of the Oslo Agreement.

For the cdH, “this new US foreign policy initiative shows once again the irresponsible nature of the United States’ unilateralist foreign policy under the Trump administration, after the Kurdish, then the Iranian, episode.”

The cdH also highlighted “the absolute need for the European Union to take back the initiative and to have an independent strategy on security and foreign policy.”

On Wednesday, the Socialist Part and Greens also criticised the “unilateral” plan presented by Donald Trump as a framework for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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