Police shoot woman after stabbing attack in Ghent

Police shoot woman after stabbing attack in Ghent
Police opened fire on a woman after she stabbed two people in Ghent. Credit: @sotiridi/Twitter

Police in Ghent shot a woman after she stabbed and injured two people, wounding her in the hand after opening fire against her on Sunday afternoon.

The unidentified woman was shot at and overpowered by police after she attacked two victims with a knife, both of whom were hospitalised.

One of the victims was reportedly wounded in the stomach but neither of them are in a critical condition, according to HLN.

The shooting took place in the Flemish city’s Bevrijdingslaan, in the northern part of the city, which had to be closed down for the police intervention.

The woman’s motives remain unclear, with some local media reports saying that the woman attacked her victims at different times and locations around the same area.

The attacker is said to have stabbed a first victim at around 2:30 PM in a residential neighbourhood at the northern end of the Bevrijdingslaan, and later to have stabbed her second victim in the nearby Oranjeboomstraat.

Police have given little information about the circumstances surrounding the attack and will open an investigation into the attack as well as into the police’s use of firearms to neutralise the aggressor.

There was no indication that the attack was terror-related, according to the public prosecutor’s office.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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