Telenet begins switching off analogue radio signal in Belgium

Telenet begins switching off analogue radio signal in Belgium
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Many people still using cable analogue radios in Belgium have been warned that the service is coming to an end to make way for new digital signals, according to reports.

As of 11 February, TV, radio and internet service provider Telenet has said it will begin the switching off the analogue radio signals available over cable as part of a larger operation to replace analogue signals with digital ones across the country.

The shutdown of analogue radio and TV signal will take place in phases until 22 April. Customers who use an analogue signal with such a radio should already have received a letter or mail.

Analogue radio signals can also still be listened to by using a classic FM antenna. Telenet will provide all television customers who request it with a free FM antenna so that they can still listen to the radio using their device.

It is not clear how many radio listeners will be inconvenienced by this, as precise numbers are not available at this time.

This news comes as Telenet announced it will withdraw older models of its digiboxes and digicorders, which fail to meet the latest standards.

The decision concerns decoders that were distributed between 2007 and 2013, which will no longer be able to receive the TV signal correctly. The company has introduced a range of options for customers to replace their old digicorders with newer models.

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