Walloons still need a car to take the train anywhere

Walloons still need a car to take the train anywhere
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According to the Walloon Institute for Evaluation, Foresight and Statistics (IWEPS), nearly 40% of citizens are not close enough to a train station to get there on foot or by bike, Sudpresse titles reported on Thursday.

In 78 municipalities, 100% of the population lives more than 3.5 kilometres from any railway station. According to IWEPS, only 16.8% of the Walloon population can easily access a station in the greenest way possible, that is, on foot. Situated less than 1 km away, the nearest train station can then be reached on foot in less than 15 minutes, according to the study.

"Coverage rates are relatively low for the pedestrian mode, but they are high enough for the bike and the car. "61.4% of Walloons are only at a 15-minute bike ride from a station which is less than 3.5 km away.

Cars are used the most as 86.5% of the Walloon population is at an average 10-minute drive from a train station. Thus, overall, it does not seem too difficult to take the train, even if it means having to combine two modes of transport, including the car.

Despite this, only 4% of commuting in Wallonia is by train, leaving a lot of room for improvement.

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