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Storm risk: 1722 reactivated as 80 km/h winds hit Belgium

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The Federal Service for Internal Affairs announced at noon on Thursday that the 1722 number has been temporarily activated due to RMI’s (Royal Meteorological Institute) yellow alert: strong winds and slippery road conditions are expected. 

The RMI issued a yellow alert for wind gusts from 80 to 100 km/h for the whole territory from 4:00 PM to midnight on Thursday.

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As for slippery roads due to rain turning into snow, the warning applies to Liege and Luxembourg provinces from 10:00 PM on Thursday to 1:00 AM Friday. 

The 1722 number aims to unclog the 112 (emergency centre), so that people whose lives are in danger can be taken care of immediately. 1722 is not an emergency number. Only numbers 112 (fire, ambulance) and 101 (police) are. Number 112 should only be dialled if a life is potentially at risk.

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