Drop in number of animals slaughtered in Belgium

Drop in number of animals slaughtered in Belgium
Credit: Belga

A total of 25.66 million animals were slaughtered every month in Belgium in 2019, Belgium’s statistic’s office Statbel revealed in a press release on Friday.  

That’s a significant drop compared to 2018 (26.51 animals a month). The trend applies to chickens, pigs and cattle. 

Nearly 308 million animals in total (cattle, pigs, fowl, goats, sheep, horses) were slaughtered in 2019, 10 million less than in 2018. 

The highest number per species was chickens, with 24.6 million slaughtered every month (a 3% drop compared to 2018). This means 295 million chickens were slaughtered over the whole year, making 440 million kilos of meat. 

However, pigs were the highest percentage weight wise, with 1.04 billion kilos of meat. 893,000 pigs were sent to the abattoir every month (10.7 million over the year). That’s 5% less than 2018. 

Nearly 840,000 cattle were sent for slaughter in 2019 (a 6% drop), making 264 million kilos of meat.  

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