Police investigate shooting in residential Flemish neighbourhood
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Police investigate shooting in residential Flemish neighbourhood

The perpetrator's identity or motives remain unknown. © Belga

An unidentified man was shot dead in the middle of a street in a residential area in Roeselare, a city in West Flanders.

Residents of the area said they heard a scuffle and a loud bang on Weststraat shortly before 9:00 PM on Tuesday, and that when they came out on the street they saw a lifeless body lying on the ground.

“We were watching television when suddenly we heard a loud bang, followed by a cry of pain and a fight,” a couple living in the area told Het Nieuwsblad.

Another resident said that emergency services attempted to perform CPR on the victim for around twenty minutes, but that their attempts were unsuccessful.

A discarded bicycle was found some metres from the where the body lay, with police working to determine whether it belonged to the victim or the perpetrator.

The shooter or their motives remain unknown, with police questioning residents who may have witnessed or seen something before the shooting.

Several ambulances and police units were present on the scene, with the public prosecutor referring to the shooting as a “serious incident,” HLN reports.

The identity of the shooter or their motives remain uncertain, and it is presumed he is now at large.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times