Mr Michel makes a speech about tolerance to KUL law graduates

Mr Michel makes a speech about tolerance to KUL law graduates

Charles Michel made a speech in front of KUL students in Louvain for the first time since he became Prime Minister. Around 500 new graduates from the KUL’s law faculty heard Mr Michel talk about tolerance when they picked up their degrees. “Intolerance leads to inhumanity”, said Mr Michel, while talking about the recent terrorist attack in Sousse, Tunisia. Charles Michel spoke of his personal vision of the opportunities a university degree can provide in today’s society in front of nearly 2,000 people. He directly addressed the students, as the youngest Prime Minister and a member of the new generation of European politicians. He called the newly graduated jurists and criminologists the deciders of tomorrow’s generation. “Intolerance is one of man’s biggest faults. It leads to racism and fanaticism, which claim victims every day. Unfortunately, this is what we saw earlier this year in Paris, and most recently in Tunisia. Tolerance can help avoid conflicts”, the Prime Minister said.

Mr Michel also spoke about the referendum in Greece. “This crisis could become a new opportunity for the Greeks, as well as for the rest of Europe”.

(Source: Belga)

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