The back to school bonus is too low for most Belgians

The majority of Belgians that get family allowances (87%) say the back to school bonus is too low. This is according to an opinion poll done by the social security department, which involved more than 16,000 Belgian parents, the Sudpresse papers reported on Thursday. This bonus, which is given at the same time as family allowances, is used to help children get what they need when they go back to school.

Nine Walloons in ten use it to cover school costs, compared to 89% of Brussels residents and 78% of Flemish people. A little more than 30% of those who receive this bonus use it as part of the household budget.

Most of those who took part (87%) think the bonus should take the child’s age, any disability (95%) and the family situation (orphan, single parent etc…) into consideration.

(Source: Belga)

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