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Good news for International Education in Brussels

A new secondary school with a unique approach will open in September 2018! BEPS International school will extend its well-recognised educational approach from its primary school to the next level.

Mr. Sorensen the General Director explained why:

“This year we’re celebrating our 45th anniversary. In the last 10 years BEPS has developed and grown in many ways. We have adopted internationally recognised curricula. We’ve gained a strong reputation for developing confident and independent young learners both in Early Years and Primary education. Our parents ask for advice about secondary schools telling us they are looking for a Secondary school ‘like BEPS’. After serious thought, we decided to take on this exciting challenge.”

We asked Ms. Hertay, Director, what does ‘like BEPS’ mean?

“It’s not just one thing but it’s a combination of factors that makes us unique: a family-like environment where we look at the individual needs of the child, the use of rigourous international curricula for each phase of development, a team of dedicated high-quality teachers, the will to educate the children not only academically but to provide them with values and attributes to become global citizens.”

She explained further how BEPS International School will translate this for secondary aged students.  “Teenagers are at an exciting time of their life. They aspire to more freedom wanting to follow their own passion, but to flourish academically, personally and socially they need to be engrossed in meaningful learning. To offer a 21st century approach, schools need to innovate. Up to date teaching means that we no longer want ‘teachers’ but learning facilitators, mentors or coaches that will challenge, support and guide the students. We will engage our students in authentic learning experiences such as working with artists in their studios to develop their creativity, climb mountains to develop team spirit and resilience, interact with inspirational professionals: journalists, doctors, entrepreneurs, …”

Of course, it’s all about trust! The parents want to be confident that their children are developing strong academic knowledge and skills that will allow them to pursue further studies. BEPS International School selected a curriculum in line with its vision and values. They will offer the Middle Year Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB). The IB is an ambitious curriculum offering access to universities around the world. IB world schools share a common philosophy ‘ a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education’ that we believe is important for our students.*

“We are proud BEPS has been approved a Candidate MYP school. We already welcome applications for students age 11 to 14 for September 2018. Each year we will add an additional year level as we aim to become an authorized IB world school. Later we will also offer the IB DP to complete the education for students up to 18.”

To learn more about BEPS International School either visit their website or inquire at The best way to understand BEPS’ magic is to visit their school and experience their unique atmosphere!


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