Record number of Belgian working students

Record number of Belgian working students

More and more young people are combining their studies with a student job.

On average, a student worked 180 hours in 2018, which is nine hours more per student (+5%) compared to 2017 and earned 2,139 euros (+13%).

Since 2017, young people have been able to work 475 hours a year instead of 50 days beforehand. "The change in hours offers more freedom and flexibility to students who work," minister Maggie De Block emphasised.

Since the introduction of the quota, more students jobs have been taken up. With 544,752 students currently at work according to ONSS figures, an increase of 4% can be confirmed from before the change.

There have never been so many young people working. "Flexible regulations and heavy demand for staff certainly play their part," De Block explains.

It was also found that more and more students were working throughout the year rather than just during the summer.

The number of students only working in July, August and September effectively went down from 37% in 2012 to 23% last year, whereas the number of students working throughout the year rose from 12% to 23%.

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