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Employers’ organisation calls for working at night

Credit: Belga

Flemish employers’ organisation Voka suggests more flexibility to ease the economic consequences of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, its chairman wrote in a column in Het Laatste Nieuws.

Voka chairman Wouter De Geest suggested more flexibility for working at night and an increase in the number of voluntary overtime hours per employee.

“Everything must now be open for discussion,” he said. De Geest proposed that night work should no longer start at 8:00 PM but at midnight, like in the Netherlands.

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Voka also pushed to increase the maximum number of voluntary overtime hours that an employee can work to 220 a year (currently 100 hours), without extra pay or compensatory rest.

“If the virus weakens and the economy starts to breathe again,” De Geest recommended postponing plans for a long summer vacation.

Finally, Voka pleaded to postpone or even abandon employer social security contributions and withholding tax payments for companies heavily affected by the crisis.

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