Town employees protest at Charleroi inroads

The joint trade union group CGSP-CCSP-SLFP has carried out more awareness-raising actions this Wednesday, by handing out leaflets stressing its opposition to redundancies amongst town council personnel. Leaflets were given out at strategic points across the town. From 6.00am to 8.30am car drivers were welcomed with pamphlets at the Northern access road, at the Marsupilami roundabout, near the Forem in Ville-Basse, on the Route de Mons viaduct, as well as at “Trois Coqs” in Gilly. According to the trade union, the aim was to remind the public of their opposition and their concern, at a time when the town council is opening its budgetary session and about to announce savings planned.

On Monday evening, several hundred protesters interrupted the town council meeting to protest after possible redundancies were mentioned. The Alderman and the Secretary General had pointed out that Charleroi was suffering from a high level of absenteeism, and that it might be possible to save money by allowing greater flexibility in personnel management.

A renewed dialogue took place on Tuesday between trade union and town officials and allowed everyone to reiterate their positions. Another meeting is planned after the budgetary session on Thursday.

(Source: Belga)

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