There were 83,000 jobs available in Belgium last year

There were 83,000 jobs available in Belgium last year

While unemployment in Belgium has reached 460,000 job seekers on benefits, the latest figures from Eurostat show that there were 83,007 jobs available during 2014. The figures were relayed by Le Soir on Tuesday. Only Germany (3.9%) and the UK (2.4%) have higher rates of available jobs than Belgium (1.9%) But, in these two countries, the unemployment rate is much lower. In Belgium, 8.5% are unemployed, compared to 4.8% in Germany and 5.5% in the UK.

There is a problem with orientation, say employers, who would like young people to be better directed towards professions that need staff (nursing, engineering, developers, IT, plumbing…).

The Unions don’t agree with this version of events. By looking at the professions that can’t find staff, the Unions have realised they are heavy jobs, with irregular hours. They recommend making working conditions easier to balance the paradox, which the figures show very clearly.

(Source: Belga)

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