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“No new tax on job creation”


The federal government is still looking for around 2.2 billion dollars, to get the State’s 2016 budget back on track. They want to be able to balance the books by 2018, the Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders (MR) said on Sunday. He did not rule out the introduction of new taxes.

“But there will be no taxes on people”, he said while appearing on the VRT-television program De Zevende Dag.

“And there is no question of us reversing decisions that reduce labour charges and create employment”, Mr Reynders said told the RTBF program The Decoders.

“Our first task is to correctly execute the 2016 budget. Afterwards, we can put in place extra measures for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 budgets, so we can balance the books in 2018”, he added.

Mr Reynders also called for reform to continue while appearing on television. This included a reform of the job market, after pension reforms were implemented by the Pensions Minister Daniel Bacquelaine (MR).

“We will need to make savings in all areas”, the liberal Deputy Prime Minister said.

The New Flemish Alliance President Bart De Wever also said his party would submit propositions to plug the gap in the budget quickly, but gave no details.

He also said the Flemish nationalist party was not favourable to an increase in taxes. “But I don’t know what everyone will put on the table”, he told De Zevende Dag.

A Ministerial committee met on Sunday to discuss the budget.

(Source: Belga)