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Working after 65 still uncommon in Belgium

Only one in twenty Belgians aged 65 to 69 continues to work. Belgium is thus in the second-to-last place in the European Union, together with Spain, according to a study of the German statistics bureau Destatis.

Considering the 28 Member States as a whole, over one person in ten (11.7%) of this segment was still working in 2015, which is 3% more than 10 years ago (8.8%).

Belgium is therefore far below the EU average: the portion of people still active went from 3.5% in 2005 to 4.9% last year. Only Hungarians are less in number working after 65 (4.6%).  

In Estonia (29.3%), Sweden (21.6%) and Great Britain (21.2%), there are still a considerable number of citizens continuing in occupations, at least one hour per week, between 65 and 69.

Regarding categories, 70-74 years (2.6%) and over 75 (1.2%), Belgium is once again below the European average. 

(Source: Belga)