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Increase in telework in the public service

More and more teleworkers are working in the civil service. At the Walloon level, more than 1 official in 10 can work at least one day a week from home, reported Sudpresse on Friday. In 2016, 21,288 active workers in the federal services were able to complete at least one telework day during the year. They amounted to only 6,137 in 2013, and 1,027 in 2009.

This success is also found in the Walloon region, where the possibility has been offered since 2009. “At present, 1,228 agents out of a total of 9,623 benefit from teleworking”, explained the spokesman of the Public Services of Wallonia, Nicolas Yernaux. This means nearly 13% of the staff can work at least one day a week from home.

The trend towards telework is expected to continue in the future. “Every year, there is a call for applications, and today we already have 300 additional applications for 2018”, said Yernaux.

The Brussels Times