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Almost one in four workers do not want to change jobs

Occupational mobility in the Belgian labour market is decreasing and nearly one in four workers (23%) do not want to change jobs, according to the annual survey of the human resources group, Acerta. Five years ago, this figure was around 13%. Six out of ten interviewees say they are job seekers, while only 15% are actively looking for a new employer.

Surprisingly, the older the workers are, the more actively they are looking for a new challenge in another organisation. “As young people move increasingly within the organisation, we find that those over 40 years of age want to change employers more quickly, simply doing the same job elsewhere. It is not uncommon for them to leave due to the competition”, explains Benoît Caufriez, business manager of Acerta Consult.

“Employers may be looking for talent too far away”, says Acerta. The survey confirms that companies have under-exploited internal talent. 44% of respondents say that they cannot deploy the full range of their skills at present. “Focusing on internal mobility is an ingenious investment.” By exploiting talent more effectively, workers are more involved and retention increases. “Internal mobility is a multiplier, an intrinsic engine that creates a virtuous circle”, concludes Acerta.

The survey entitled “Talent Pulse” was conducted with 2,000 Belgian workers.

The Brussels Times