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Antwerp Port looking to fill up to 1,000 job posts

The Federation of Employers of the Port of Antwerp (CEPA) has decided to train some 450 dockworkers but, according to CEPA Director Guy Vankrunkelsven, even more are needed to cover the manpower shortage at the port. “If it were only up to us, we would take on 500 or even 600 new workers in the port,” Vankrunkelsven told the Gazet van Antwerpen (Antwerp Gazette) newspaper.

For his part, the president of the Alfaport/VOKA employers’ association, Walter Van Mechelen, commented “that “finding good profiles at all possible echelons is still very complicated”.

“It’s certainly not an exaggeration to say that in the greater port area, there are always about a thousand posts at all levels that are not filled or hard to fill,” he added.

The Brussels Times