Problems with some mixed careers on

Problems with some mixed careers on

About 300.000 Belgians, mainly people who have worked as employees and as public sector appointees, are unable to use Belgium’s pension site, The data for such mixed careers needs to be inputted manually and that takes time, explains Johan Janssens, deputy general manager of the Federal Pension Service.

In late November, the Service announced that 96% of Belgians could calculate their pension amounts on 100% of self-employed persons; 99% of employees; 94% of designated public servants and 70% with mixed careers could do so, it said.

"However, many factors can prevent one from doing the calculation, for example, interruption of military service, a job overseas…” said Janssens. “The most problematic issue is the absence of data on public servants’ careers. The centralization of data has been done digitally since 2011, so it’s a problem with past years. Before then, public sector employers had to delve into their archives.”

About 5% of the seven million careers managed by the Federal Pension Service are affected by the problems with the site. It will take some time to resolve the situation because that has to be done manually by just a few dozen officials, Janssens added.

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