Unemployment continues to fall in Brussels

Unemployment continues to fall in Brussels

Brussels-Capital Region had 90,673 jobseekers at the end of July, a drop of 2.5% on an annualized basis, the regional employment office, Actiris, reported on Thursday. It said unemployment had decreased for the 45th consecutive month and stood at 16.2%, its lowest rate since the year 2000.

During the month of July, 10,979 persons registered as unemployed. These included 9,561 persons who had been on the unemployment list before, and 1,418 new registrations. A total of 8,847 formerly unemployed persons were no longer on the list. As a result, the net increase in the number of unemployed jobseekers on a monthly basis was 2,132 persons or 2.4%.

In July, 63,612 jobseekers applied for unemployment allocations in Brussels Region, 3,570 young people participated in professional insertion internships and another 23,491 persons registered as employment seekers, on a free or compulsory basis.  

Youthful unemployment, which has been decreasing continuously for 62 months now, is now at 20.6%. Brussels has 7,893 young jobseekers, its lowest number since the creation of the Brussels-Capital Region in 1989.

Of the 90,673 unemployed jobseekers registered in July, 13,426 (14.8%) receive help from Public Social Action Centres (CPAS), which provide shelter and social assistance to those who need them.

Actiris received a total of 17,008 employment offers in July, including 5,715 offers for jobs in the Brussels Region.

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