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Men earn on average 500 euros more than women per month

Women’s gross monthly salaries are on average 500 euros less than those of their male counterparts, according to figures from the Partena social secretariat, quoted by L’Echo on Friday. After deductions, the women take home net salaries that are 320 euros less, according to the human resources agency, which found that the gap widened as they advanced in their careers.

According to the study, men earn 15% more than women.

The study was conducted on a sample of full-time workers with the same educational levels. The only variable factor was the post occupied.

A key finding was that men and woman start out on equal footing, or almost: on entering the labour market, women earn 7% less than men. The gap in gross salaries then widens gradually, increasing to as much as 20% (650 euros) at the age of 60 years.

The Brussels Times