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Few Belgian employees plan to change jobs

Credit Belga

More than 25% of Belgian employees are not at all interested in other job offers, Acerta human resources firm and site online survey revealed.

This rate is slightly higher than last year (21%). Only 12% are seeking actively a new employment against 16% in 2018. 

According to this Talent Pulse Survey, more than half of respondents (52%) indicated that their present employer has never given them new tasks. If a worker has been given different tasks, there is a good chance that he had to ask for them (35%). 

Acerta sees a clear link between motivation and the number of years that a person has fulfilled the same role. “Our survey shows that the learning curve in employment grows steadily during the first two years and then falls. After three to four years at the same function, the worker arrives at a turning point: he doesn’t feel as challenged and is not as happy at work,” Acerta consultant Michael Zahlen said.

The Brussels Times