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One worker in five at risk of burn-out in Belgium

The people who took part in the study came from varying industries. Credit: Pixino

Around 18% of workers are at risk of burn-out, according to a study by Bright Link, an organisation attached to the UCLouvain that focuses on burn-out prevention. 

The study’s conclusions were published by L’Echo on Saturday. 

The people who took part in the study mainly reported physical symptoms, which affect one in four workers (29%) according to the “2019 burn-out barometer.” Muscular tension, insomnia and intestinal problems are the most common symptoms. In addition, only four in ten workers (41.6%) said they felt well-rested. 

As well as physical symptoms, one in five workers (20.8%) also suffer emotional fatigue. The symptoms most frequently mentioned include anxiety, irritability and sensitivity. Finally, one on six workers also feel cognitive fatigue. 

So, what are the main causes of these symptoms? Two in three workers (65%) mentioned contradictory work directives, which is the main stress factor, closely followed by their workload (62% of the workers). 

The Brussels Times