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Coronavirus: Spain reports 1,326 deaths

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Spain has recorded 1,326 deaths from the coronavirus, an increase of 32% in one day, the country’s health ministry announced in a statement on Saturday.

The number of cases across Spain has increased by nearly 25% since Friday, from 19,980 to 24,926.

The Madrid region remains largely the most affected, with 8,921 cases (almost 36% of the total), ahead of Catalonia (4,203), the Basque Country (1,725) and Andalusia (1,515).

Spain is the third most affected country worldwide with confirmed coronavirus cases, after China and Italy, although the figures should be put in perspective since they depend on the number of tests carried out.

For the past week, all of Spain’s citizens have been in strict confinement and cannot leave their homes except for work, shopping for food, buy medicine or take their dog out briefly.

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