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Coronavirus: China counts 1,367 asymptomatic cases

China reported over a thousand asymptomatic cases on Wednesday. Credit: Belga

For the first time, China reported over a thousand asymptomatic cases of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) on Wednesday.

These 1,367 patients have been found to test positive for the virus without showing any of the typical symptoms, such as a fever or cough. They had previously been excluded from the reported national count. China currently counts 82,545 cases according to the WHO, though the asymptomatic cases are not yet included in that number, as the latest WHO situation report dates back to Tuesday.

This number is likely still an underestimation as those who do not show symptoms aren’t systematically being tested. Belgian health officials, too, always remind people that the daily numbers being reported are likely an underestimation for the same reason. As of Tuesday, Belgium counted nearly 12,000 reported cases.

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China, where the new coronavirus originated in December 2019, seems to have largely contained the epidemic and is now making an effort to stop people from outside from bringing the virus back into the country. The country has temporarily closed its borders to most foreigners and drastically reduced its international flights, as have many other countries. Anyone entering the country is also subject to a 14-day quarantine.

China is currently the fourth-most affected country, behind the United States (140,640 cases), Italy (101,739) and Spain (85,195).

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times