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Coronavirus: over 1,6 million infections worldwide

Credit: Belga

Over 1,605,250 people have been infected with the new coronavirus (Covid-19), and at least 96,344 people have died from it, according to a tally by AFP.

193 countries and territories have been affected by the virus and at least 331,000 people are now considered to have recovered from the virus.

Italy is the most affected country with 18,279 deaths, followed by the United States (16,686 deaths) and Spain (15,843 deaths), with France (12,210 deaths) and the UK (7,978 deaths) in fourth and fifth place.

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Europe is still the most affected region, with 67,247 deaths out of 826,389 cases. The United States and Canada follow Europe with 17,212 deaths (486,992 cases).

Asia is the third-most affected region with 4,603 deaths (130,415 cases), followed by the Middle East (4,493 deaths for 91,327 cases), Latin America and the Caribbean (2,090 deaths and 50,589 cases), Africa (640 deaths for 12,260 cases) and Oceania (59 deaths for 7,282 cases).

The United States has the most cases in total, counting 466,299 infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

Belgium currently counts 26,667 confirmed cases, of which 3,019 people have died.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times