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Antwerp University receives €500,000 anonymous donation

The University of Antwerp said the coronavirus pandemic appeared to fuel a growing interest from Belgians students in its epidemiology programs. Credit: Stock Image/Pixabay

An anonymous donor has donated €500,000 to the University of Antwerp for coronavirus research, the Antwerp institution announced. This donation will make it possible to launch a project on the analysis of blood samples.

The University’s Centre for Vaccine Evaluation has put in place a serum bank project. “Every three weeks, we take blood samples in laboratories until we reach a total of 14,000 samples,” explained Pierre Van Damme, director of the Centre.

“We can thus determine how many people have been affected by the disease and how many are still vulnerable. This information is very important in order to define an approach to the current epidemic and a policy for managing a possible new wave.

The donation will also be used to initiate studies on coronavirus-related vaccines, the university added.

The Brussels Times