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Coronavirus: 58% of patients in ICU survived

Credit: Belga

Data from Sciensano, the Belgian institute for public health, shows that 58% of coronavirus patients who ended up in intensive care survived, La Dernière Heure and La Libre Belgique reported.

That means that more than four in ten patients did not. “This shows the severity of the virus, especially in resuscitation,” commented Yves Van Laethem, inter-federal coronavirus (Covid-19) spokesman. 

These statistics are comparable to what has been observed in other countries, such as China and the USA, according to Van Laethem. “There was no way to do better.”

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The death rate for those placed on life support was 57%. In contrast, only 29% of those who were put on respiratory support lost their lives.

In total, 9,548 people have lost their lives to the coronavirus in Belgium, out of 58,767 as of Thursday.

The Brussels Times