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Coronavirus: more than 550,000 deaths worldwide

Credit: Belga

The coronavirus pandemic has caused more than 550,000 deaths worldwide, according to a report by AFP based on official sources, Thursday at 13:45 GMT.

More than half of the reported deaths occurred in the four worst-affected countries: the United States (132,309 deaths), Brazil (67,964), the United Kingdom (44,517) and Italy (34,914).

A total of 550,013 deaths have been recorded worldwide, as well as a total of 12,081,516 confirmed cases. Of those, 201,124 deaths and 2,782,032 cases were reported in Europe, the continent most affected in terms of the number of deaths.

Among the people infected with the coronavirus, 6,447,909 patients, or more than half, have been declared recovered by the health authorities.

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