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Sweden no longer a ‘red travel zone’ for Belgians

Credit: Flickr/Stefan Lins (CC BY 2.0)

Belgium no longer considers Sweden a “red travel zone,” but has changed the country’s colour to orange, meaning that it is no longer an obligation for returning travellers to quarantine.

Travellers returning from what Foreign Affairs marked as orange zones on its website are still asked to go into quarantine and be tested, but on a voluntary basis.

As of Wednesday, the orange zones within the EU are Upper Austria in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Aragon and Catalonia in Spain, Luxembourg, Algarve and Alentejo in Portugal, Moravskoslezský in the Czech Republic, Śląskie in Poland, Romania, Midland, North East & Yorkshire, Northern Wales and Northern Ireland in the UK, Sweden, and Ticino in Switzerland.

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Additionally, Trento in Italy has also been marked green as of Wednesday, making the entire country a safe zone again.

The complete list of all the colour codes for each country and region, which is updated every day, can be found on the website of Foreign Affairs.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times