Two more Spanish regions now ‘orange travel zones’ for Belgians
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Two more Spanish regions now ‘orange travel zones’ for Belgians

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The Spanish regions of Catalonia (which includes Barcelona) and Aragon are now considered “orange travel zones” for Belgians.

Code orange had already been in force for travellers from these regions returning to Belgium, but now also counts for those who travel there, according to Foreign Affairs.

Travellers returning from an orange zone are asked to get tested and quarantined when they are back in Belgium, but it is not an obligation.

Belgians departing to one of these regions are now also asked to have “increased vigilance” once they are there, and to comply with local measures.

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Earlier today, Barcelona asked its residents to stay home as much as possible, but did not make it a legal order. Additionally, the Catalan government limited gatherings to 10 people and reduced the maximum capacity in bars and restaurants.

Belgians travelling to these regions also need to complay with these measures, according to Foreign Affairs, which is why the travel advice was updated again.

The rest of Belgium’s travel advice stays the same. The only “red travel zones” remain Leicester in the UK, and other parts of Spain and Portugal.

Travelling to those areas is not allowed, and anyone returning must be tested and quarantined.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times